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Who are Deconstructing Christians?

they are the fastest growing group of christians in the west

Currently in the western world only the evangelical church is growing and even there it is estimated that most of the growth comes from other shrinking church movements. In comparison the Deconstruction/Dechurched movement is growing at at least double the rate of the evangelical church[3]

Deconstructing Christians often pay a great price in undergoing deconstruction. It is not something they embark on lightly. It will almost always cost them their church community and often cost them various friends and family members.

It is very hard to find others on this journey in their own area and so often they are left to find community online as best they can.

Yet they tend to be Very isolated and LONELY


This group of people love the truth, they are no longer happy to accept things given to them at face value. Contrary to what is popularly said about them, they are far from disinterested or uneducated. It is exactly the opposite. 

It is almost always in their passion for their faith that they have found their questions unanswered and had to let go of inherited beliefs to explore new ones. 

In a 2015 study[4] done of over 1000 dechurched individuals throughout America not one person could be found who left the church over a single incident of being hurt. On average they had attended 4 churches over long periods of time before choosing to leave. The same study found the overwhelming majority of these Christians had been heavily involved in their Churches and were much more likely to have been serving on leadership than the average “content” Christian.

they are not just hurt or lukewarm christians

Defining Deconstruction

Deconstruction is the process of questioning one’s core foundational beliefs and finding that, since they don’t hold to be true, they need to be removed.

What is a foundational truth for one person might be an insignificant point for another. Because of this one person’s harrowing complex deconstruction of their faith might be another person’s bump in the road. 

Generally speaking most who deconstruct at a significant level will experience a lot of accompanying pain and suffering. They go through grief as they experience the loss of all sorts of things, ranging from their God, faith, family, friends, relationships and even their own identity. Obviously everyone handles these things differently but there are common themes throughout.


It’s not our place to say if someone is deconstructing or not. Just as we wouldn’t presume to say if someone hurt themselves if it was painful. It’s not our body or our experience. What’s painful for us might not be for another person or visa versa.
For more on what deconstruction is I recommend you check out the “What is Deconstruction?” video on our Understanding Deconstruction page.

So What is The Deconstruction Network?

This site is very simple at its core. When you sign up you put in the city where you live. This enters you in the directory which is only accessible to other members.

You can then search by location for other people. If you find someone in your area you will be able to send them a private message to get to know them. Maybe you’ll make a new friend, maybe not. But in time as the site grows I’m convinced there should be dozens of people in any city around the world.

A safe place to find others like you in your own area

A center for groundbreaking research

The narrative around those who deconstruct is overwhelmingly negative and frankly incorrect. Unfortunately most studies done on this group of people (and there aren’t nearly enough) are almost always done from a very skewed perspective with a strong agenda behind it.

In partnership with Eido Research we are working to create solid research that churches and academics can pull from to create a more accurate picture of who deconstructing Christians are, what they believe and what they do. We think this is an exciting opportunity to give a voice to a group of people that for far too long has not been heard.

So every 2-3 months there are entirely optional surveys that our users can take part in to help us develop reports that will help change the narrative around the Deconstruction community.

The site is and always will be free to use. All data is protected under GDPR. Any reports that are produced from studies are anonymized fully and will be freely available to all.

Safe and completely free

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