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Many of those who have gone through deconstruct have experienced all kinds of religious trauma. Often included in that is systemic financial abuse over years, often decades.

Because of this we believe it is essential to such people freely have access to help and resources without paywalls. Everything we are doing from running this site, conducting research, creating resources and working with media, news, podcasts etc. is done freely without any need of payment. We publish all our research freely and try to make it as accessible to everyone as possible.

It is currently however a one person – Phil Drysdale – operation, and Phil does have to pay their bills, rent, the costs of running sites like this and eat every now and then. He doesn’t presently have a paying job and dedicates himself full-time to helping people in the deconstruction space for free.

Presently Phil is living of around $900 a month in donations and is about to have a kid with his wife Tilly.. it would be amazing to be able to support him in a meaningful way so he didn’t have additional financial stress as he does this important work.

If you want to support Phil in his work of helping people navigate this difficult process you can sign up to become a Patreon for as little as $5 a month.

As a thank you there are a few perks like a monthly Zoom call with Phil and other supporters and a private Discord discussion group.

You can do so over on Patreon or visit Phil’s website.

You can also give one-off gifts here.