Active Research

This introductory survey is required for anyone wanting to take part in the ongoing research we’ll be doing on The Deconstruction Network.

Our vision is to give a voice to a group that has for too long had no voice. While lots of studies have been done on the “unchurched” or “backslidden” we feel they do not represent deconstructing Christians very well. We want to work towards creating a great depth of accurate data on the diversity of who this group is, what we are like and what we believe.

This initial study will create a baseline of who you are and where you are in your faith (as best as anyone can figure such a thing out!) and will be used as a reference in all future surveys.

There are 5 sections. And it should take between 5-10mins depending on how much thought you need to put into the answers. All questions are multiple choice.

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In this initial report we explore: 

  • church attendance
  • openness in church
  • comfort in church
  • questioning faith
  • letting go of faith
  • if there is a way to measure levels of deconstruction.

To read the full report click here.